As someone working at an oilfield in Texas, you are certainly aware of the inherently risky nature of the job. Blowouts, explosions, and accidents happen often, and workers usually sustain the most severe outcomes. Following such a mishap, you should take essential steps to protect your rights, one of which is to hire an injury attorney. Here are three things to do after an oilfield accident in Texas.

Notify your employer

Always inform your employer or supervisor after an oil and gas accident. If you fail to do so could mean losing your right to recover compensation, and you could be terminated from the job. When circumstances permit, complete the incident report in writing so as to prevent disputes. Share everything you remember about the mishap and injuries you have endured. Your employer is required to inform the insurance carrier and must initiate the process of filing a worker’s compensation claim. They are also required to file a separate report with the Division of Worker’s Compensation.

Ask for immediate medical attention

Never wait to seek medical care for your injuries. Your employer is expected and required to ensure that you get the treatment you deserve. Ignoring the pain and discomfort after a worksite accident can have long-term consequences. Because oilfield accidents are usually severe, go to the nearest emergency room. You don’t need to get approval from your employer or the insurance company to seek treatment at the nearest hospital. If your injuries are not severe, schedule an appointment with a doctor at the earliest. In such cases, you may have to choose between doctors listed by the workman’s compensation insurance carrier. Adhere to the instructions of your physician.

Contact an oilfield accident lawyer

The insurance will initiate an investigation as soon as you report the injury, and there could be multiple investigations depending on the parties involved. However, don’t let the claims adjuster manipulate you into accepting an offer, and don’t give a statement. Instead, contact an oilfield accident lawyer who can guide you on the process, and they will also evaluate whether you have a third-party claim. If the latter is true, you need to file a separate personal injury lawsuit, which allows you to recover all losses related to the accident.

Your oilfield accident lawyer will start an independent investigation and gather evidence to file a claim. They will also take all steps to get you the highest possible settlement. You don’t pay them until you win, which is a boon.